“Primally Pure” is not a Lindsay Lohan movie, it’s actually Julie’s brand crush

Welcome to the second edition of Brand Crush. Where the staff, clients and friends of Frank Collective talk about their favorite brands and why. This time we go skin deep and talk about a Julie’s new crush–her favorite natural skin care line.  

Jiffy:  What is your name and your job?

Julie: My name is Julie Grant. And my job is operations manager.

Jiffy: Excellent. And what is your brand crush?

Julie: So my brand crush is a clean skin care line called Primally Pure that I’ve been using for about six months.

Jiffy: How did you discover it?

Julie: I listen to a lot of self growth and personal growth podcasts. So one of my favorite podcasters, Jenna Kutcher, she uses it. She spoke so highly of it that I had to try it and she did not lie.

Jiffy: What do you like about it?

Julie: A lot of clean skin care are unscented. Which one of the big things I like about beauty products is their scent. So this one is amazing. Smells very herbal clean, just lovely.

Primally Pure ingredients

Natural ingredients

Jiffy: How many products of this brand have you used?

Julie: So I actually brought some to show, you know, I have a lot and I have become a little bit addicted to it. I use two products for cleansing–a cleansing oil and then just a regular soap bar. It’s my first time double cleansing. So that’s been interesting. I use a complexioned mist, which is very, very lovely. I use it throughout the day and then I use a clarifying serum and finally I use their body wash and their body cream.

Jiffy: How did you know how to use these? Like, how do you know which combination to use and what works together?

Julie: So that’s the great thing about Primally Pure is they have a survey on their website that you take and you answer a whole bunch of questions about your your current skin care about your skin in general, and then they tell you what you should use. And so they kind of come up with a personalized skincare routine for you, which is great for me because, yeah, look, just looking at their website, I had no idea where to even start.

Primally Pure Skin Quiz

I love a quiz.

Jiffy: That’s one of my biggest complaints with all the skin care that’s out there is there’s all these different versions. But you don’t know what’s supposed to be used together for you.

Julie: Yes, exactly. Yeah. So that that survey is very, very helpful. And they also have a…an..and I can’t say this word…Aesthetician!

Jiffy: You did it! That’s right.

Julie: They have a woman on staff that it is pretty much her sole job to answer DMs and social media questions and any sorts of questions that people have regarding their skin care.

Jiffy: Have you had to reach out to the brand?

Julie: Yes, I have.

Jiffy: Why?

Julie:  I have really dry, but also very acne prone skin. So I was using the cleansing oil for dry skin and wasn’t quite sure that it was the right one for me. So I reached out and got an answer so quickly with what it was. There is a direct email to this person. I forget her name, but she got back to me so quickly. And so now we’re going to try the clarifying cleansing oil for acne prone skin.

Jiffy: How fast did she get back to you?

Julie: 12 hours.

Jiffy: Oh, wow.

Julie: Their brand is just very clean. Just very aesthetically appealing, very simple, not quite minimalist, but just very, very natural. Their labels are just simple.

Jiffy: Like an apothecary, kinda.

Julie: Yeah! Just exactly. Really nice glass bottles. Everything just feels very luxurious. But that’s the best part is that the price point is very, very good. Another problem or difficult point of entry for natural skincare, is that it is very expensive. So this line is super, super affordable and it lasts forever. Like I said, I started using these products about six months ago and I think I’ve maybe gone through two cycles. So they last a really long time.

Jiffy:  Yeah, that’s great. What new product do you wish they would come out with next?

Julie: Sunscreen.

Jiffy: Sunscreen?

Julie: Yes, they recently did an Instagram survey asking exactly what products consumers of their brand would like to see.

Jiffy: And that was pretty high up there?

Julie: Yeah they show the results of what people were picking. One of them was sunscreen and then another was a subscription-based service, which they just started using.

Jiffy: Will you subscribe?

Julie: Yes. I think once I get the timing down of when I need to replenish. I will definitely do that.

Jiffy: Is there anything else about the brand that resonates with you? 

Julie: So the company was founded by a female, which I love.

Bethany McDaniel

Founder, Bethany McDaniel aka Ladyboss

Julie: She is a farmer in Southern California. Yeah, her and her husband have an organic farm, which is kind of what led her to the skin care. They you know, they started the farm and then she transitioned. They’re based in Marietta, which is near Temecula, and it’s just grown from there. So they use obviously all natural products. They don’t do any animal testing. Everything’s made in the US. It’s just great all around. And, you know, from the first point of contact on the website to the packaging, everything feels like you’re getting a luxury product for not a luxury price. I feel like I do a facial on myself every night after after I’m done, I feel so good.

Jiffy: Have you converted any of your friends to this product?

Julie: I haven’t tried yet, but I did have two stories. My mom tried it when I was with her over the holidays and she loved it. So I’ve ordered some products for her. And actually, Brian, my boyfriend loves it as well, loves the smell of it. So I ordered a facial mist for him.

Jiffy: So nice.

Julie: I know!

Jiffy: Who doesn’t need a facial mist?

Julie: I’m a firm believer in facial mist.

Jiffy: I just started using oil. I never would have thought oil would have made such a difference.

Julie: OK, cleansing oil. I never even, I was skeptical when I tried it because it seems antithetical to what you should be doing.

Jiffy: Exactly!

Julie: Yup!

Jiffy: Well, I’m glad you shared your experience with this brand with me, I’m so excited to try it. 

Julie:  I feel it, you probably will. I would love that.

Jiffy: Female entrepreneurs. Doing it for themselves!

Julie: Yeah, she’s great. Very good role model.

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