Bucket Board 2.0

Remember Mac Premo? Friend. Founding member of Frank. Well, his brainchild, Bucket Board, is still out and about, repurposing everyday dumpster items into amazing skateboards for kids. This spring, they partnered with their friends at Stoked and Chapman Skateboards to make fifteen handsome decks. This Earth Day, they’ll donate them to fifteen lucky students at Brooklyn Free School in Fort Greene.
The only problem was that Bucket Board doesn’t make trucks, wheels, or grip tape. And kids can’t skate on decks alone. So, Bucket Board raised the money to turn these decks into completes. The premise was simple: you buy a deck, we’ll donate a complete. And they sold out. Fast. Our Los Angeles office managed to grab one in time, though, so we’ll be spending our Thursday afternoon shredding in the Arts District.

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