Bucket Boards hit the streets!

In honor of Earth Day and in partnership with Stoked, Bucket Boards got some real street time yesterday. There were two classes in the park next to the school — Eastside Community High School in the East Village. (It’s a regular Stoked class with the kids. Prob 15-20 kids per class, 9th and 10th grades.) Adrianna Dufay, Studio Director and Partner at Mac Premo’s studio was at the NYC event, while Mac and co-creator, Sanford Shapes, were at the Santa Monica Stoked event. Adrianna was thrilled with the outcome, “All of them are learning how to make their own skateboards. We told them they’re the first folks to try out the boards, so be rough with them!”
We’ll continue to keep you posted on The Bucket Board Project. It’s a great way to recreate old construction trash into liberation on wheels. For more info on the Bucket Board to go www.thebucketboard.org.
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