We are Frank, collectively.

We foster our culture of teamwork, camaraderie and best-idea-wins by believing in always doing what we say we are going to do. Our goal is to imbue this culture into our work and ultimately the brands that we create.


Our Culture

From Women’s March Poster Making, to Friday Shout Outs, the Frank Collective culture is made up of motivated people who support one another.

We foster an environment with the best of both worlds–the capabilities and experience of a full service agency, with the personal touch and passion of a small studio.

Our employees grow with us–there are no cookie cutter experiences at Frank Collective, and we bring out the best in people by allowing them to discover it within themselves.

We believe that creativity can happen on a 9 to 5 schedule, and that inspiration can come from living a full life outside the office.

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We are a frank company.

Our People

We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, and all of our employees have something unique to bring to the table. We work as a team to amplify our individual strengths in service of our clients.

JJ Loonam Managing Director
Mitch Orkis Chief Growth Officer
Dan Shapiro Chief Financial Officer
Nate McGuire Chief Technology Officer
Ashley Stevens Creative Director
Andrew Almeter Creative Director
Andy Sir Associate Creative Director
Aaron Pedersen Associate Creative Director
Nate Bruzdzinski Design Director
Rocky Santaferraro Associate Creative Director
Nicole Baer Executive Producer
Eric Brown Senior Producer
Kimberly Ladouceur Director of Client Engagement
Eric Almquist Client Lead
Lauren Currie Operations Manager
Sophie Engelstein Brand Strategist
Stylés Akira Brand Strategist
Annie Vaughn Design Strategist
Michael Savage Copywriter
Jay Sprogell Director + Editor
Alice McCarthy Senior Designer
Adomas Bruzga Designer
Alejandro Rodriguez Designer
Melinda Harvey Designer
Keggen Griffith Designer
Marissa Meier Designer
Isaac Ruder Designer
Sarah Greenlee Designer
Hannah O'Connell Designer
Carlos Munguia Producer
Jordan Chiodo Producer
Courtney Ryan Producer
Patrick Kolstad Producer
Nicole Palermo Studio Manager
Rashinda Bankhead Studio Producer
Sarina Cass Studio Manager
Jennifer O'Connell Producer
Rachel Miller Community Manager
Kheyra Halane Community Manager
Sophie Goodis Marketing Assistant
Maddie Sanabria Executive Assistant
Anthony Decapri Executive Assistant
Meridith Darby Group Assistant
Larry Business Dog
Lando Business Dog