Dumpster, Ahoy

Mac Premo’s opus of memories, i.e.—The Dumpster Project, is making it’s way south to Florida to be put on display at the Ringling Museum as part of their Re:Purpose exhibit. It shipped out yesterday and on Friday it will get craned onto a big rig, which will arrive in Florida on Monday morning, February 9th.  We were happy to help Mac see his vision come to life with some production support and creation of a digital pin guide mobile app.Viewers can tour The Dumpster when it goes on display from February 13 to May 17, 2015. AND if you can’t make it to Florida, you can always have a virtual walk-through of The Dumpster by going to Mac’s blog that details each artifact and story behind it.
Fare ye well Dumpster!  You apparently have more sense then the rest of us to go to the Sunshine State and leave us to this lousy winter.
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