Senior designer and flea market enthusiast, Aisling Flynn, is another year older today, and she’s celebrating all the way across the world in Japan. A beautiful land of efficient mass transportation, where the booze is cheap, sushi is the national food, and a Hello Kitty is always appreciated. Since Japan is thirteen hours ahead of Brooklyn Standard Time, she has almost had a full birthday by now. We haven’t gotten a full report yet, but we like to imagine she went on a nice garden stroll, sniffed some cherry blossoms. Took in a few temples, a few shrines. Had a heart to heart with a sumo wrestler. You know, the usual tourist things. お誕生日おめでとうございます, Aisling. That means ‘Happy Birthday’, and, yes, that was the result of a Google search. We’re all looking forward to hear all about your trip. So long as there are souvenirs involved.

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