Reintroducing Frank Collective

We believe in helping founders tell their stories. Here are our founders telling theirs.

Eight years ago – when it was just the two of us (plus our then intern, JJ) our original identity was inspired by our corporate seal and the desire to stand out. (Hi! We’re new!) It was black and white, big and bold (some may say shout-y) and focused on our “Frankness”. It has served us well.

But we’ve grown from that three-person shop to a bi-coastal, brand-led creative agency of 50 people, and as we scaled so did our work, offerings, and vision. We realized it was time for a change, and that change was to embrace more of our collective-ness with equal parts Frankness.

The new identity was created with the goal of embracing our strength as a collective – a collective of great staff, work, clients, talent, services, and partners. So our team reimagined what Frank Collective would look like to the outside world.

The result was a new identity that balances our frankness, our collective vision, and collaboration. It also brings our talented staff and clients more to the forefront. Friendly, conversational, a professional mark with artistic edges. More true blue than simply black and white. Still collectively Frank.

~ Jiffy & Mike

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