Barefoot Wine Taps Mindy Kaling For ‘On Tap’ Launch

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In a reverse twist on the dreaded “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), Mindy Kaling is extoling the “Joy of Missing Out” (JOMO) to promote Barefoot wine’s new 3-liter box format, On Tap.

The actress stars in three videos released on YouTube, social media and Barefoot’s website.

In one (below), Kaling, wanting to stay home and relax with Barefoot On Tap, avoids attending a birthday party by faking a surprise visit from a fictitious long-lost sister.

In another, she gets out of going out by feigning hosting a girls’ night (the only guest being a fast-food delivery person — shown above). In the third, she begs off by pleading a last-minute work crunch.

All of the ads end with Kaling saying “Sometimes, home is where the party is. Barefoot on Tap: Ready when you are.”

The campaign’s lead creative agency is Frank Collective.

The On Tap box, which holds four bottles of wine, is being offered across six of Barefoot’s varietals.

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