A Pup Above
What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design

Good Food. Good Mood.

A Pup Above was founded by two pup parents that were inspired by their dog Lola. They saw a lack of accountability in the dog food industry and wanted to create a healthy alternative. A Pup Above uses a proprietary sous-vide sealing method that locks in nutrition in a way that no other competitor was matching.  It was our job to scale this brand and its unique attributes to a larger audience through local stores and national chains. 

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Committed to Changing Dog Food For the Better

The Challenge

At launch, the product’s cooking technique (sous-vide) was its differentiator. In order to grow, the brand committed to responsible sourcing and providing fur families everywhere with the quality of food considered human grade. 

However, other competitors could make similar health claims. We needed to create trust around the brand and education about the product. 


Peace of mind through transparency.

Brand Positioning

The brand is dog first. (After all, Lola is the Chief Pup Officer.) So we conceptualized the brand world the way a dog would see it.


Art Direction

What does the world look like from Lola’s point of view? We created a photography style that tied together the brand style through fantastical and colorful photography captured in studio. 


Bringing it to life through web.

Web Design

A commitment to accountability shows through the rebranded website. By highlighting the brand’s transparency, the consumer can purchase with confidence that they are giving their dog the best life in every bite.