What we did
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Design
  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Web Design

Hitting refresh.

We were approached by one of the leading plastics manufacturers in the country with the ambition to sell a new, innovative air freshener directly to consumers. From product design to naming through brand identity, web and package design, we created this brand from scratch. Bringing it to market with content creation and a product launch strategy. It was good fun to partner on bringing a modern scent solution to life through a suite of products.


A modern solution.

Brand Strategy

While planning our new product strategy, a few things were immediately clear. When it comes to air fresheners, you cannot just sell a product. You have to own a category, and that requires a great line of products that come with a great brand story. Alio, the first scent solution that fits into your lifestyle, neutralizes odors in your home, car, or wherever you need it. All without flames, oil, or electricity. Made in America from environmentally- responsible wood polymer, we positioned Alio as a modern scent solution for the air around you — no matter where that may be.


Visualizing the air around you.

Brand Identity

Our brand identity design process began with devising and creating a logo that would be emblematic of the entire brand, pulling heavily from the idea that Alio’s line of products would travel with the consumer across every aspect of their life. We drew from the Latin phrase ‘alio aere’, or ‘personal air’, to create a name that was then supported throughout the graphic system. As we moved through the brand identity development process, we also created a graphic language that suggested how air moves through the product to reinvigorate the air around you.


Personalizing the product.

Product Design

Our product launch strategy was to position Alio as a premium, but affordable, scent solution. Muted tones were used for the sleek wood polymer diffusers and auto fresheners, which complimented a variety of vase colors. We also allowed many opportunities for personalization, with over twenty different odor-neutralizing scents to choose from. The result is a product that is as unique and environmentally conscious as our consumer, while retaining a modern look.


Purposeful packaging.


We designed eye-catching packaging customized to encompass each product, from the reed diffusers to the personal pouches. Customers could choose to order single items or bundle to create a gift or kit.


A best in class experience.

Web Design

From concept, design, development, and support, we’ve created every aspect of the online experience to ensure a balance of brand experience and e-commerce best practices. We contextualized the product throughout the life of the consumer journey with custom photography, a seamless user flow, unique graphics, and a modern aesthetic.