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Explosive color.

Bigen has had a history in the North American market for over 100 years, with a cult following to match. Typically sold in neighborhood beauty stores, Bigen’s audience was disconnected and hard to unify under traditional media categories.

We needed to give Bigen a more modern approach to attract a Millennial/Gen Z audience, without ignoring the history of the brand, which has a growing equity in international markets. 


Brand Diagnostic

Brand Diagnostic

We created a flagship brand anthem video that reintroduces Bigen to the North American marketplace by highlighting its history and ingenuity as a product, using a new visual and communication strategy that could speak to multiple audiences at once. 


Campaign Concepting

Power in Powder

Bigen’s patented formula has remained the same for over a century by effectively dying hair a deeper, richer black than competitors or imitators.  The key is the water-activated powder dye, a system that’s not typical for most at-home hair dye products.  We showcased this approach through stylized imagery that focuses on powder, water, and–of course–hair.


Web Design

Splash Page

We broke through the barriers of cult product marketing by being positive and honest about our audiences, and favoring history and expertise over trends or marketing schemes.


How-To Video

How-To Video

We created friendly and accessible How-To content to show audiences how they can blow the gray away with Bigen’s signature product.