What we did
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Life is a workout.

We collaborated with a celebrity team of peak performers to create a high-end health and wellness brand based on their years of expertise.

A new kind of celebrity company.

No endorsements — celebrity developed

Founded by Cindy Crawford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Lindsey Vonn for every level of athlete, the brand focuses on the moments before and after the workout.


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Premium health supplements built for the everyday grind.


No hype. No fads. No BS. Whatever greatness you’re looking to achieve, it is not instant nor something that is turned on or off. It is a dedication to working hard and smart. There is no magic pill.


A full spectrum of energy.

Brand Concept

Ladder understands that there is a spectrum of energy for everyone — your peak performance is not instant or constant. It’s a consistent flow throughout your day. This spectrum informed our logo, graphic elements, and photography direction.


Everything you need.

Packaging System

In an industry that leans towards big, bulk packaging, we offered a fully scalable packaging system that put functionality first with single servings and à la carte boxes. This allows Ladder to provide solutions based on your personalized health and wellness plan.  


Achieving every day.

Photographic Direction

Our photography shows off a brand that understands that peak performance happens in and out of the gym, and that health and wellness is an achievable lifestyle for everyone.


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