Made by Nacho
What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design

Cat-Crafted Cat Food

The only thing bigger than a celebrity chef, is a celebrity pet. When Bobby Flay came to us with his idea to create a cat food named after his beloved sidekick Nacho, we leapt at the opportunity to extend his existing brand into a digital experience inspired by Nacho’s mischievous sprit. 

Bobby’s name may be big in broadcast, but the Internet belongs to cats. We knew that the good news of Nacho would spread over cyberspace. So we had to design a site that did some educational heavy lifting—explaining the benefits of Bobby’s healthier cat food formula—without losing the imaginative spirit that Nacho’s brand represents.

Partnered with Trellis for web dev and A Studio for brand

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Cats Run the World

Web Concept

Unlike dogs, cats won’t just eat anything. They happen to have great taste in design too. We used Nacho as our culinary compass, portraying him as Bobby’s best friend in the kitchen, and showing that cats can be connoisseurs too. 

Built for Growth

Web Design

We designed a site for a brand with a lionhearted imagination. Clean and simple at launch, the framework of the site was built so that it can be expanded quickly, ready for product extensions and new launches in the near future.

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Yes, every cat is a (food) critic. We used messaging to highlight the values that inspired each recipe, showing our consumers and their furry friends that every product Made by Nacho is made with care not kibble.

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