Marilyn Monroe
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Timeless Beauty

Marilyn Monroe is more than an American icon–she’s a globally recognized brand whose image continues to dominate magazines, billboards, t-shirts and tote bags. is the center of that brand, and her history. Authentic Brand Group is the licensor of her image and wanted our help redesigning the website that pays tribute to Marilyn the myth without sacrificing the history of Marilyn as a woman. An interactive timeline uses parallax scrolling to bring her story to life while features like shareable quotes allow users to speak in the voice of a legend through social networks.


She Contains Multitudes

Interactive Timeline

There’s not just one way to describe her. From movie star to activist to contemplative poet, Marilyn continues to capture the fascination and interest of millions of fans. We created four timelines that correspond to characteristics that are most definable, as well as a chronological story that weaves them all together.  The experience is a journey through the stylish life of the world’s most iconic talents.

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