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Ready to Flex. Free to Flourish.

We were given the task of introducing two new product lines to the PopCorners family: Flex Protein Crisps and Flourish Veggie Crisps. Our task was to create two new dynamic brands, while also raising brand awareness for the larger PopCorners family. We developed a cohesive brand strategy that allowed each product line to stand on its own within the PopCorners family, without cannibalizing the existing PopCorners brand. Our endorsed brand strategy allowed us to develop product and flavor names, unique identities, and packaging that jumps off the shelf.


The nutrition you need, with the taste you love.


Whether you’re looking for high-powered protein or the goodness of nature’s superfoods, PopCorners Flex & Flourish make it easier than ever to Do One Better. Thoughtfully selected ingredients provide real energy from plant-based protein, as well as nourishment from real veggies in a delicious air-popped snack that you can feel great about eating.


Architecture & Naming

Our research showed that those who are familiar with PopCorners love the brand, so we used a parent-brand endorsed strategy when naming and designing Flex & Flourish. Using standout learnings from focus groups conducted while the product was under development, we explored several unique naming pairs before moving into further testing. Respondents had a clear preference for names that had strong individual personalities but still worked as a combination, and ultimately, we selected Flex & Flourish as our final names. Flex & Flourish exist as the “adult children” of the PopCorners parent brand; they each have their own individual personalities while all bear a familial resemblance with one another.

Energy for the things you love.

Brand Concept

PopCorners Flex Protein Crisps and Flourish Veggie Crisps are all about energy. Flex Protein Crisps give consumers real energy from protein to help fuel their busy lives on-the-go. Flourish Veggie Crisps give consumers nourishing energy from real ingredients, which they can share with those they love.


Seize the day.


Flex uses bold typography and a minimal layout to stand apart from the crowd. Protein Crisp consumers care about flavor, and Flex tastes great! Each bold flavor is distinguished with its own color profile relative to the flavor category, as well as handcrafted illustrations. Both Flex and Flourish bring PopCorners brand equities into the layout which has resulted in distributors selling all three product lines in the PopCorners family with ease.

Flex Buffalo Packaging

Eat the best. Be your best.


PopCorners Flourish Veggie Crisps showcase the bounty of veggies found in each bag, because we believe that healthy snacking starts at the root. The Flourish logo is crafted carefully by hand with the same attention to detail that goes into the veggie crisps. The Flourish color palette gives flavor recognition and variety, while always using colors that are found in nature.

Flourish Roasted Beets Packaging

“Doing One Better”... twice.

Brand System

We created a flexible and replicable brand system for Flex and Flourish that extends through packaging, social media engagement, web design, and new SKU launches. Since both Flex and Flourish were designed to carry over PopCorners brand equity and the “Do One Better” ethos, but to also appeal to their respective targeted audiences, we created an overarching system that allows both to exist independently, together, or alongside PopCorners.


Flexing the brand.

Brand Guidelines

The robust brand guidelines that allowed PopCorners to communicate brand equities to their sales department and designers.


Scaling on social.


The snack aisle is a crowded one, and we knew we needed to speak directly to our consumers. For those new to the PopCorners family, we highlighted all of the benefits of their soon-to-be-favorite snack, while driving visual recognition of the two new brands. Using a cost-effective digital and in-store marketing plan we were able to introduce Flex and Flourish to the world.