What we did
  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Illustration
  • Naming
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

Sell without sacrifice.

Properly is a digital home selling platform. We partnered with the company to build a brand worthy of its exceptional product. Our challenge was to separate Properly from its traditional competitors, instilling trust and touting transparency in an otherwise opaque market.


Making every step of selling your home a little easier.


Properly is the only home sales solution for people who want to sell their home simply, without sacrifice. With real experts, real-time updates, and time-saving terms, Properly makes every step of selling your home a little easier.


Complete simplicity in a complicated process.

Brand Concept

We created a bold, geometric identity system that embodies the brand promise of bringing clarity and efficiency to a complex process. Through visuals and copy, we lay out a clear system for home-selling success and invite consumers to feel both confidently in control and expertly led. Our design system across all channels maintains an intentional balance of human expertise and technology-enabled optimization. Both of which, together, allow consumers to sell their homes Properly.


Holistic approach to digital.


Digital is always part of the equation, and for Properly, it was the equation. With their marketing site and dashboard product, we made sure that the efficiencies we spoke about were reflected in the digital experience at every step of the way.


A comprehensive digital toolkit.

Design System

We created a flexible and responsive design system to unify all digital touchpoints.


List. Sell. Sold.

User Experience

We created a user experience that embodies the brand values of selling a home simpler, without sacrifice. The Properly dashboard guides users through the process, from getting a home valuation to navigating the closing process, with the right balance of transparency and simplicity.