Rabble Wine Co.
What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

A Force of Nature

The Rabble Wine Company is a rebellious and beloved brand. Their unique labels and iconic tasting room at Tooth and Nail Castle created a brand experience that their audience loved. 

However, with social distancing in full effect in 2020 it was imperative to find a way to infuse the online experience with the spirit of being on-site.

RW - Module 2 - Wine Family

Brand Positioning


Through our immersive, brand strategy process, we looked beyond the label and into the soul of Rabble’s distinct approach to winemaking. Located in the heart of rugged Paso Robles, CA, Rabble is a winery that seeks to harness and bottle nature, not battle it. Their practice is innovative, but their philosophy is firmly rooted in nature. 

The result is a portfolio of wines that reflect the true character of their native land–every acre, and every season. Like their wines, the Rabble brand is adaptive, vivacious and made for people who relish and live in the moment.

Rabble - Lifestyle
Rabble Wine - Brand ID

Setting the Table

Brand Concept

To better tell their story and broaden Rabble’s audience beyond the brick and mortar, we needed to create a sensorial experience in a digital space. We accomplished this through a completely reimagined user experience, a new art direction that brought the winery location to life, and fresh messaging to showcase the process behind the product.  

Elements of the brand that made them well-known—the beloved wine labels, and romantic ambiance—were preserved, but also bolstered by lifestyle and nature photography to round out the full Rabble Wine experience — one that is uniquely tied to the land and always shared in celebration with others.

Breaking Out of the Label

Web Design

The website first and foremost needed to improve conversion rate and make it easier for consumers to shop. We streamlined the UX using modern practices through Shopify without sacrificing the unique story-telling.

Rabble - Website 1
Rabble - Website 2
Rabble - Website 3