What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Engineering & Web Development
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

Performance Meets Personalization

Sailthru is the leading, cross-channel marketing platform built to deliver personalized experiences to consumers across email, mobile, and web. Their customers include major brands, and their promise is to deliver unparalleled multi-channel brand experiences. Sailthru needed a brand of its own, one that relayed the power of their offering, and was designed for Sailthru to shine on the web.  

We evolved the existing identity that had served them well for years, to better appeal to enterprise level clients, ensuring that not only could Sailthru meet their clients’s needs, but also look the part.


Adapting to Change

The Challenge

We kicked off the Sailthru rebrand in response to major growth in their market, but encountered major market upheaval in the process. In the midst of the Covid19 crisis, we had to devise a brand and experience that worked not just for the business of today, but also the business of tomorrow. This meant taking into account not just Sailthru’s needs, and how their business would change, but also the changes their enterprise clients might encounter or be anticipating.

A Modular Approach

The Solution

We began our project by building a strong strategic foundation with a goal of improving the overall user experience.

We optimized our design process by building the Sailthru site via a modular approach. This method allowed a greater synthesis between design and strategy, and a simple way to respond to shifting priorities.


A Willingness to Innovate

Art Direction

Our art direction showcases the brand’s willing and innovative spirit, without tarnishing the premium nature of their product or their years of experience and expertise. By taking a more personal tone with their audience, we allowed Sailthru to relay the intimate connections their tools allow clients to have with their consumers.

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