SKOUT Cybersecurity
What we did
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

A brand new cyber world.

SKOUT is a cloud-native, cybersecurity platform focused on securing digital infrastructures and giving businesses peace of mind. In an industry built on fear mongering, we partnered with SKOUT to create a brand that confidently lets consumers in, highlighting efficacy while embodying a straightforward promise of accessibility and trust.


Humanizing cybersecurity.

Brand Concept

SKOUT puts their customers first by taking a human approach to cybersecurity. By focusing the brand on end benefits, we were inspired to move away from typical machine-heavy visuals of threats, breaches and danger. Instead, we pulled from sensorial and natural environments with calming and tranquil imagery which are both relatable and abstract to evoke the human side of why SKOUT exists – to allow business owners to comfortably do what they do best without fear.


Insight, education, expertise.

Brand Positioning

We were able to leverage SKOUT’s deep expertise, and place them as leaders in the cyber security category. We did this by showcasing their industry insights, security tips, and protection solutions in a simple and relatable way. Believing that knowledge trumps fear, we created branded tools and mechanisms to communicate with consumers directly, regardless of their current level of cybersecurity literacy.


Peace of mind.

Brand Identity

In a category flooded with visuals of dark screens and glowing green lights we purposefully took SKOUT out of the darkness and into the light. We developed a system of clean and simple graphic elements paired with background textures that evoke movement and represent a need to refocus in order to maintain peace of mind.


Cybersecurity in understandable terms.


The site is a drip of information, walking consumers through high-level security questions one step at a time. Acknowledging that the landscape is ever changing, SKOUT asserts itself as a sharp and friendly guide who is simultaneously by your side and one step ahead. The feeling of safety and assurance that potential customers feel when reading and interacting with the site matches the experience they have once they opt in as customers.