Tina Davies
What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Engineering & Web Development
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

Elevating the Art of PMU

Tina Davies is the premier permanent makeup brand for artists. Founded by its namesake, a pioneer in the industry, the Tina Davies brand needed a fresh new look and website that allowed them to easily sell their products to artists, while appealing to consumers who were interested in the growing PMU movement.


Communication Spectrum


Our strategy focused on re-contextualizing what modern permanent makeup looks like to consumers, as well as educating artists on how to bring the Tina Davies look to life. 

Knowing that we were trying to appeal to both the artist and the end consumer meant finding a way to speak to both at the same time. Artists could identify the polish and sophistication of the product just as easily as potential clients. 


A Modern Look

Art Direction

We highlighted a younger, more fresh-faced consumer to show how modern permanent makeup (aka PMU) can be subtle, natural and beautiful. 


Artists On the Go

Web Design

Tina Davies artists are always on the go — traveling to studios, or a client’s home. As a result, the vast majority of artists coming to the site to make purchases, restock, or do product research were doing so on mobile. Our design was responsive and optimized content to work on mobile first. 


Artist Used. Artist Approved.


It was important for the product to be viewed not just as a beauty brand but to accentuate the artist’s role as well. So we made a point to incorporate the artist’s hand throughout the photography. 


For Artists, By an Artist

Iconography & Illustration

Tina Davies built her brand as a signature—a signature product that created a signature Tina Davies look. Likewise, the artists who buy and use Tina Davies products have signatures of their own. We created an iconography and illustration style that reflects the personal, handcrafted quality of PMU.


The Intricate Details

Web Assets

PMU is a little more complicated than the drugstore makeup aisle. We knew we needed to make shopping online easy, while still allowing for deep customization in terms of pigments, blade, and cartridges. We designed every web asset with an educational component, annotated to allow artists to find exactly what they’re looking for.