What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • UX & UI
  • Web Design

A platform for tomorrow’s tomorrow.

XANT, formerly known as Insidesales.com, is a SaaS platform that collects and employs user experience data to augment revenue acceleration and optimize sales for enterprise-level companies. Once a pioneer, Insidesales.com found themselves surrounded by copycats in an industry filled with meaningless jargon. We redefined their offering and created XANT, a new brand that speaks to consumers about true sales differentiators and delivers on a promise to embody relentless innovation.


Pioneering the 
future of growth.

Brand Positioning

We shifted the conversation away from cosmetic features and toward the larger goal of growth and revenue, separating ourselves from competitors by highlighting the brand’s truly unique offering. This focus on the impact of XANT’s results rather than just the capabilities, allowed us to cast aside an outdated name and a tired identity to make room for a forwarding thinking, mission-driven brand. 


How do you bring growth to life?

Brand Concept

We created a visual system that avoided the overly-friendly tech-forward tropes that have defined the competition and embodied a spirit of forward momentum through sophisticated and aspirational design. Our strong wordmark conveys confidence while a slanted logomark is a nod to the brand’s commitment to acceleration. The photography features actual achievement and real people–not standard tech-company stock. By playing with scale and showing both micro and macro points of view, we show the power of XANT’s collective human intelligence.


Using brand to convey capabilities.

Web Design

The website is the first point of contact for many XANT customers so it was important that it grab users attention and stand out against other SaaS properties. We separated XANT from the competition by leading with thoughtful solutions and case studies instead of technical features and jargon. We leveraged the brand voice to put the consumer in the narrative and used interactive, high-touch design to explain a multi-faceted platform built for the future.


A flexible modular system.


We created a flexible system that supports and adapts to the needs of XANT customers. With our modular system, we’ve enhanced existing content and helped XANT modernize a complex technical offering into a seamless experience.


Standing out in a crowd.

Brand System

We developed a cohesive design system that unified the brand across all touchpoints. Our design system across all channels maintains an intentional balance of technical expertise and human aspiration. Both of which are at the core of XANT.