What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • Packaging

More than a shoe

We weren’t just asked to brand a shoe. We were asked to bring a brand to life with strategy, naming, and identity to reflect the company’s larger mission: elevate media and entertainment beyond sound. The result was a brand not merely tied to fashion or technology, but rather to the bigger idea that our sensory experience can be enhanced and, ultimately, transformed.


Radical Experiences

Brand Positioning

DropLabs couldn’t be just another tech brand. We built their brand to stand out from the pack, positioning them as the brand behind radical new experiences. Creating products that enhance your media in a completely new, revolutionary way, they go beyond traditional tech.


Define a new category.

The Solution

More than the latest release for sneakerheads or some wearable haptic technology for gamers, DropLabs defines a new category.

We started with the senses, focusing on the company’s mission to enhance experiences of every kind through vibration. Living at the crossroads of technology, entertainment, and lifestyle, this mission allows the company to truly scale and stand apart as they expand beyond the launch product.

We set out to appeal to an audience that crossed cultures. Tech and style savvy consumers. Early-adopters who passed over the latest fads and gimmicks. People looking for new experiences in life. In short, a life amplified.


Brand Identity

Life Amplified

The brand tone is exuberant and full of wonder. It affirms the user’s connection to creative energy and desire for new experiences. We are actively inviting consumers to participate in this deeper connection to the senses.




We conceived the packaging to act as a dramatic reveal to the EP 01. Every detail, from soft-touch material to embossing, guides the user into the sensorial experience of using the shoe.