What we did
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  • Web Design

The Avante-garde of Digital Art

SquiggleDAO is a web 3.0 organization built around collecting and celebrating the on-chain generative art project known as the Chromie Squiggle.

They asked Frank to create a brand identity and web design that would capture their unique position as a hybrid between museum and community. We also created a brand strategy to reach a broader audience and to provide a foundational direction for the DAO’s future endeavors. The work needed to speak to the artistic and historical value of the Squiggle, while also educating and inspiring newcomers.


Painting With a Broad Stroke

Brand Strategy

Squiggles are a popular and seminal project in the NFT space, but less well known within the more traditional art world and the general public. Our brand strategy needed to speak to this broader audience and provide a framework for helping them understand Chromie Squiggles, both functionally and in terms of their cultural context. We also identified the shared underlying motivations between the NFT early adopters and traditional art collectors and appreciators. From that we created a system of brand values to align SquiggleDAO with these motivations. 


Coloring Outside the Lines.

Logo System

Derived from the ethereum blockchain logo, the square frame of the SquiggleDAO logo brings to mind museums and art galleries. The Squiggle itself extends beyond the borders of the frame, however, visually symbolizing how on-chain art disrupts and escapes the confines of traditional art. While mainly housing our hero Squiggle, the frame also creates a tasteful system for displaying any Squiggle in the DAO’s collection in all its glory. 


It’s a Squiggle Party.

Web Design

Our web design centers around a simple but elegant homepage that celebrates the Chromie Squiggle by giving it room to shine. An interactive “Squig Me” button allows visitors to quickly cycle through the different varieties of Squiggle, catching their attention and sparking their imagination. Meanwhile, NFT aficionados will notice top-of-page opportunities to further engage, helping the DAO grow both its collection and its membership. 


What’s so special about a Squiggle?

Web / Squiggle Education

NFTs and on-chain generative art are still in their infancy and lacking in public awareness. It was important to include easy-to-digest educational materials in the DAO’s website. Squiggle newbs can visit the Learn page for an overview of Squiggle history and to get acquainted with the characteristics of the various Squiggle types, kickstarting them on their path to full Squiggle appreciation. 


Show me your Chromie.

Web / Squiggle as Art

Of course no one collects art to keep it in a closet (or in this case a crypto wallet). A filterable gallery page allows Squiggle connoisseurs to enjoy the DAO’s collection and easily narrow in on their personal favorite flavor of Squiggle.


How to DAO.

Brand Guidelines

Detailed brand guidelines provide the DAO with direction for implementing their new brand identity now and in the future, even offering guidance for how this distinctly online brand could manifest itself in applications IRL.