type:A Deodorant
What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content
  • Copywriting
  • UX & UI
  • Video
  • Web Design

Scaling a best-in-class product experience

type:A creates personal care products that mix the best of science and nature. Their signature product—a non-toxic deodorant cream in a squeezable tube—elevated the experience of swiping deodorant using a patent-pending button applicator.

After their debut success, the brand was ready to take a bold new step, and bring their message of clean beauty to a larger audience. We developed a brand and digital strategy that positioned them as a dependable, everyday brand, built a new digital storefront, and revamped their photography to create a shopping experience that reflected the attention to detail the brand takes in their product development.


Made to last through your day

Brand Positioning

We positioned type:A to support you as you take on your day, creating a strategy that empowered consumers to achieve their goals, their way. From the early-morning marathons to the late night sprints, type:A helps you put your best foot forward.

We’ve got you covered


We developed a brand voice that is steeped in assurance with a heavy dose of realness, positioning type:A as a supportive friend. We crafted portraits of different type:A personalities to give friendly, confident faces to that voice.


Product photography


type:A says what it means and does what it says. To show the product’s reliability, we established a crisp, new photo style with bright, uncluttered backgrounds. To capture the energy of a product that can last through your day, we used tight crops that activate all edges of the frame.

Designed for conversion. Designed for mobile.

Web Design

Every page on the website is designed for an audience that was 80% mobile, lowering the barrier between them and smelling better.