What we did
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design

Womply Takes Small Business Personally

Womply is a marketing and CRM SaaS platform on a mission to help small businesses thrive in a digital world. After a decade of success, Womply’s original brand identity no longer reflected the scope of their business–connecting almost half a million small businesses with innovative data solutions. To create an identity that represented their progress and pushed them to achieve their goal of taking their reach into the millions, we rekindled their mission by building a strategic foundation around “redefining main street” and created a distinctive identity with universal appeal.


Thriving Local Commerce Starts Here.

Brand Positioning

The breadth of Womply’s services created a lack of clarity about their offering. In the industry at large, broad umbrella concepts like “Reputation Management” prevail without offering focused definitions or standards. We dove deep into Womply mission and existing brand equity to reinvigorate the spirit behind the solutions, and evoke Smalltown U.S.A. instead of Silicon Valley. This allowed Womply to break free of the constraints of the typical stale SaaS strategy and connect with the essence of what’s truly successful for small businesses today: real world solutions that create personal connections with consumers.


Brand Concept

We steered clear of the meaningless blue hues and nondescript wordmarks that overwhelm the B2B and SaaS space and created a brand that could be as exceptional as Womply’s all-in-one offering. We created an elegant awning icon that evokes the sincerity of a mom-and-pop shop within a brand system of badges that bring Main Street values to life. Unified messaging that leads with empathy shows the world that Womply believes when small businesses thrive, we all do too.


Web Design

We put the new brand system to work in web design, using the badge system and messaging with a direct and personal voice to inform and appeal to consumers rather than overtalk to or confuse them.

We’re excited that our visual brand now more fully reflects our mission and vision. Special thanks to everyone at Frank Collective who had a part in this process, and to the millions of American businesses who serve as our inspiration every day. – Brad Plothow, Womply VP of Brand & Communication