What we did
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Collateral Design
  • Content
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Web Design

Female-focused health, by women.

We worked closely with Lola founders, Jordana and Alex, to clarify the visual and verbal identity for the world’s first open, honest, and 100% organic feminine products brand.


Periods are a fact of life - not a taboo.


It all began with the tampon. After realizing most women didn’t know what was in their tampon, Lola decided it was time to speak to women in a straightforward and informative manner.


Getting real about the female cycle.

Brand Concept

After surveying the industry, we found that companies went one of two ways: established companies that only show pastels and florals or new start-ups with in-your-face graphics. We carved out a wide and ownable space for Lola with a recognizable graphic system including an industry-bucking color palette, ownable illustration style, and educational infographics.


Bringing it to life through web.

Web Design

We knew the Lola shopping experience needed to be as direct and straightforward as the brand itself. With a series of cohesive UI tools, infographics, and illustrations, the online shopping experience lets users customize their orders, and makes you question how you ever shopped for tampons any other way.


A straightforward approach for feminine care.


We did a custom shoot for Lola to reflect the straightforward tone of the brand, with minimal styling and clean backgrounds. Lola doesn’t shy away from periods and is one of the first feminine care brands to show interaction with the product in a real way.

Lola Photography

First Period Kit

First Period Kit

Every girl deserves to feel prepared for her first period. We worked with Lola founders and pediatrician Dr. Lisa Stern to develop the First Period kit, which includes a comprehensive guide, organic feminine care products, and a branded pouch.


Unifying all communications.

Brand Guidelines

We worked closely with Lola to create comprehensive brand guidelines that address how Lola speaks, looks, and acts both internally and externally. The guidelines provided a structure for the brand and employees as the company continues to grow and launch new products.