Lemon Perfect
What we did
  • Brand Identity
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting
  • Engineering & Web Development
  • Packaging
  • Photography
  • Web Design

Lemonize your life.™

Lemon Perfect bottled Saturday morning sunshine to create a category-defining product.  We created a singular identity and packaging system to capture a loyal audience and create a category-defining brand in a crowded field of competitors.


Cold-pressed lemon water.


Lemon Perfect is the ideal way to jump-start a day of healthy living.


Bottling Saturday morning sunshine.

Brand Concept

When life gives you lemons, celebrate. Optimism, energy, and LA-cool make this beverage brand a show-stopper on the supermarket shelves.


Bottles that pop.


We knew that our battle with the competition would take place on the supermarket shelf.  We found a graphic way to stand out from the crowd through bold colors, straightforward typography, and a minimal layout.

All eyes on the lemon.


We put fruit forward in a photoshoot that harnessed the natural beauty and strength of over 200 lemons  (no citrus fruit were harmed).

Studio Photography
Frank’s ability to understand each brand’s identity and build a unique story overflowing with creative energy around it is why every creative agency search should begin — and end — with
 Frank Collective. – Yanni Hufnagel, Founder of Lemon Perfect

Bringing it to life through web.

Web Design

We designed a site that harnesses the same sunshine and optimism as the product itself, making it easy to get your lemon fix while seamless animated elements bring the brand’s energy to life.

Scaling on social.


A cohesive brand vision is easy to translate into effective social content that drives an organic following and fandom.


A Bright Brand World.

Brand System

Lemon Perfect is a simple but powerful product.  We developed a simple but powerful brand that is cohesive across all platforms–spreading sunshine the Lemon Perfect way.  When the product expanded into new flavors and fruits, we brought the brand with it, by creating an extended color palette and system.