Made In
What we did
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Collateral Design
  • Copywriting
  • Naming
  • Packaging
  • Web Design

Made for you, inspired by your bank account.

We created a groundbreaking direct to consumer cookware brand for the new home-cooking movement.


The cookware for adulting.


For when you’re ready to transition from parties to dinner parties. Made In is quality cookware for the millennial crowd who are entering a new chapter of their life.

Why would you cook a $20 steak in a $9 pan? Cookware, taken seriously.

Product benefits–not just price

Made In offers professional grade cookware at affordable prices via a direct-to-consumer model.  With cookware kits curated for any lifestyle, consumers can get everything they need to stock a kitchen of any size.  Cutting edge additions, like a universal lid and new carbon steel editions, make Made In an innovator in addition to being a disruptor.

We loved working with Frank. The team was behind us from the beginning. They were crucial in helping us find our brand identity, collaborating and executing from conception to first pan sold. – Jake Kalick, Co-Founder of Made In

Made for you.

Brand Concept

It all starts with the name. Made In symbolizes the excitement and personalization of the home cooking movement with a focus on where and who is involved.

Bright and bold graphics and art direction give an accessible yet aspirational vibe to Made In. Educational graphics are an integral part of the brand, helping new chefs understand the benefits of stainless steel.

Pan engravings.

Cooking is all about mastering the basics. Burgeoning home chefs can learn essentials such as best cooking temperatures, how to make the perfect omelette or a just-right roux with helpful cheat sheets engraved onto the bottom of the cookware.

A fresh shopping experience.


You can build your set over time, and test new products risk free with a 100 day free trial. Excuse us now, we must go work on our bananas foster.


A scalable brand.

Brand Collateral

We created a recognizable brand system that scales through packaging, social engagement, and new product launches. Made In continues to build a loyal national following including professional and aspiring chefs alike, with Tom Colicchio recently revealed as their biggest fan.

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